Side Effects of Weight loss

Adverse effects of weight loss

We often struggle to attain good health and fitness, and weight gain often stands as a setback. It triggers the need to begin on the practices that will enable us to lose weight, but what if the results we get are undesirable?

People who gain a lot of weight are working on ways to lose it, while the underweight are indulging in things that can help them achieve the weight. It is imperative to note that side effects of weight loss will chirp in once the weight loss practices get extreme.

Physical and emotional issues will arise due to weight loss, but there is no need to worry because you can always do something to avoid it.

The article shall deliberate on the insights about weight loss side effects.

What is Weight Loss?

Weight loss is a process that can be intentional through dieting and exercise or unintentional due to illness.Weight loss begins when you lose muscle mass, body fluids, and fats.

Some people, significantly obese, find this beneficial, but extreme weight loss may raise concerns, leading to emotional torture. Other causes can cause weight loss, such as cancer infections, viral infections, and gastroenteritis.

When you experience unintentional weight loss, it will be wise to see a doctor or any health care professional to guide you on the things to do.

How Does Weight Loss Affect Your Body?

Weight loss affects the body in many ways. The obese find the impact of weight loss to be quite beneficial because that is all they want while indulging in weight loss practices. When weight loss is extreme, it will cause skin sagging, skin diseases, and other psychological issues.

Weight loss affects the body in many ways, like causing hair loss, skin sagging, loss of appetite, general body weakness, and heart conditions. The article shall deliberate on the adverse effects of weight loss.Weight Loss

Adverse Side Effects of Weight Loss

Losing Muscle Mass

The instant evidence that will confirm the loss of weight is the decrease in muscle mass. According to William Samuel Yancy, 1/3 of the muscle mass is what you lose when experiencing weight loss, while 2/3 is the fats. Loss of fat and muscle mass will leave your body loose and reduce your capacity to lose weight in the future.

Notably, there is something you can do when you are experiencing weight loss. Taking in more practicing and exercising strength intervals will help shift the case, and you will begin developing your muscle mass.

Taking around 30 grams of proteins in every meal will make things work for you. It is important to note that proteins are effective in building muscle mass while also enhancing losing weight. Extreme weight loss will trigger your body to begin using fats and muscle mass, impacting your energy requirements.


A weight loss process will expose you to extreme cases such as vomiting and diarrhea will cause dehydration. Dehydration will develop and cause general body weakness that is unpleasant for people who are working. Dehydration may cause an organ failure if not attended to faster.

Causes Extreme Stress On the Body

An attempt to lose weight will expose people to extremes stress on the body. Though some believe that the exercises can help them lose weight overnight, they fail to realize the dangers they expose themselves to, such as insomnia, increased injury, and compromised immune systems. The people who are losing weight are often sick and tired because of the exercises they indulge in.

Heart Ailments

When working on a diet to lose weight, it may force you to reduce certain types of food while increasing the uptake of others. The decision is good and can yield good weight loss results but will impact the heart. Proteins, for instance, are effective for weight loss but will cause constipation and other heart-related ailments.

Nutritional Deficiencies

You will find many adverts about diet pills, and many people resort to such types for weight loss. The pills promise to be the best options for weight loss, for they will block the fat intake and make your body begin fat burning.

The promise is good for the people who intend to lose weight, but you should be worried about what happens when your body is not receiving certain nutrients. Insufficient nutrients will lead to brittle bones and extreme fatigue, something that will work against your hope for good health.

Formation of Gallstones

The development of gallstones may be due to weight loss. When the substances in the digestive juice sit for long without being extracted, it will develop a substance called a gallstone. The stone will stick on an opening of the gall bladder, causing extreme pain and indigestion.

Fluctuation in Hormone Levels

Weight loss in the body may slow down the metabolic processes hence causing issues with the body functions. Hormone level is essential in the body, and any weight loss practice may cause issues when you stop it.

Electrolyte Imbalances

Weight-loss diets are always deficient in nutrition, and they can easily throw your body into a problem. An unbalanced diet will cause electrolyte imbalance in the body.

Constipation or Diarrhoea

Proteins take time to be fully digested in the body, and excessive consumption of a protein-rich meal will cause constipation and diarrhea. A weight-loss diet is rich in proteins, and indulging much in it will cause digestion problems.

Poor Immune System

Improper dieting in an attempt to lose weight will cause immune irregularities. Insufficient nutrients will weaken the immune system hence increasing your risk for suffering infections.

It is a milestone to consider changing your eating habits and healthily factoring in some exercises to help you avoid the risks.

Weight Loss Can Cause Depression

The thought of being overweight is alarming and will cause depression even before you get started with activities that will help you lose weight. The initial stages of weight loss are pretty disturbing, and you will be suffering stress and depression for missing some essential foods that may have been your favorite.

The weight loss diet pills are also not delicious like the usual food. It will expose people to cases like diarrhea and stomach. All the situations are unpleasant and may even force you to dump the thought of ever losing some weight.

When the weight loss is in excess, people start losing their self-esteem because they won’t be associating well with their peers. It is always depression when people see you and begin wondering what may have happened to you because of extreme weight loss.

This May Also Affect Menstrual Cycle

When your weight starts fluctuating, you will experience menstrual problems if you are a woman. Before getting started with weight loss diet pills, it is beneficial to seek guidance from dieticians.

The dieticians can help you draw a good diet plan that will accord you with sufficient nutrients even as you try to manage the calories you consume.

You May Develop a Sagging Skin

In instances where you will experience extreme weight loss, loose sagging skin and stretch marks will be evident in your face and stomach. Focusing on a weight loss plan that will yield a significant amount of weight loss within a short time will cause skin sagging. It is imperative to indulge in a plan that will allow your skin to shrink when it loses some weight.

There are many things you can do to prevent your skin from sagging. One of the best practices is to do resistance exercises that prevent loss of lean muscles mass. Exercises that build muscles will not allow the skin to sag.

You can also use collagen-based serums or retinoids to protect your skin from sagging after weight loss. You may also seek surgery if there is too much sagging skin.

But you should be aware that the process is expensive and may leave some scars that may take some weeks to recover fully. Surgery should be the last option, after trying all other means and you don’t get results. The side effects of weight loss surgery may be serious, and you will need the close attention of a doctor.

May Affect Hair Health

Hair health is another problem associated with weight loss. The diet plans for weight loss attempt to reduce the number of calories you take. It implies that you will be starving your body by denying sufficient nutrients that can be useful in enhancing hair growth.

Malnourishment is among the reasons for losing hair due to the lack of macro and micronutrients in the body. You will notice a hair deficiency when you begin observing weak and dull hair. Eating more proteins and increasing your caloric intake will help you develop strong and healthy hair.

Trouble With Sleep

The food you eat will have a direct impact on your sleep circles. Weight loss diets will expose you to many issues such as hunger and sugar cravings. It will negatively affect your sleep circles. You can have a healthy sleep by loading up more carbs and proteins to raise the tryptophan levels.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, the weight loss process is not easy. It comes with many challenges, but how you handle it will determine the results. Side effects can sometimes be quite discouraging, but it gets easy with proper management and better approaches.

It majorly lies on social issues, but there are no severe health impacts. The side effects of rapid tone weight loss are manageable and should not be a reason for an alarm.

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