Dear user, Fitness and Nutrition radio takes your privacy with utmost seriousness. We value our users, and we make it our top priority to provide top-notch security of data. Therefore, please go through our privacy policy statement on how our Site will collect, process, retain, and disclose your data.

The statement about how we use your data will help you make a proper decision concerning how you will share your data with us. You will also know your rights concerning the information that our Site will be collecting about you.

How we collect your information at fitness and nutrition radio

When you access our service, you have options. If you choose to provide us with your data, we shall collect and store them. Such information may include your name and contact information. We may also collect information such as the date of birth and other promotional messages.

We shall also collect your information when you sign up for our newsletter and participate in surveys and other promotional services. When you participate in forums or discussions on our Site, it means that you consent to give us your personal information. Any information you will choose to post may be made public, and be aware that our service users will see your reviews and comments.

The information that our service automatically collects when you visit our service

Accessing our service means that you consent to our service to recognize you as a visitor. Our partners will automatically collect information using cookies, google analytics tools and web beacons. The information that we automatically collect includes:

  • Your browser types.
  • IP address.
  • Browser settings.
  • Pages you visit.
  • Time spent on the page.
  • Other unique device identifiers.

Our service and our service providers may choose to combine all the information that we collect about you plus the information that you choose to provide to us.

Our Website uses cookies to collect information about the pages you visit and your interests. They are small files that websites and other service providers use to generate automatic information about you. For example, fitness and Nutrition radio uses cookies. Of course, you have a right to reject cookies, but remember that you may not be able to interact with some of our services by rejecting cookies.

Our service will also place tags called web beacons to allow us to manage our automatic data collection. The tags are available on the pages of the emails that our service shall send to you. Web beacons link web pages to a certain website. They have several purposes, which are not limited to counting the number of visitors on the Site, analyzing our users’ activities, and accessing the nature of articles and the contents that you open when we send emails.

Our service will also use third-party web analytics such as google analytics because we need to know the statistics about our visitors. We may also sign contracts with the third-party companies that provide apps and tools which will appear on our Site. They include widgets and plugins such as the Facebook button. These services may use automated means to collect information that regards your interactions with the service. Note that such apps are subject to their privacy policies, and we do not have control to offer their services.

How our service uses the information that they collect about you

Fitness and Nutrition radio will use the information that they gather about you for various reasons. For instance, we use your contact information to reach out to you if you contact us, and the email address you provide to us is what we shall use to reach back to you.

  • We use your data to provide products and services that you request, such as sending a newsletter to you
  • The information we have about you help us to respond to your requests, comments and questions. We also use it to provide other types of user support.
  • We use the information you provide to us when we are offering you marketing communications and directing you to the sites that we think may interest you.
  • We serve you with advertising content and other offers using the data that you provide to us.
  • Your data are helpful to us when we are communicating about, administering and advertising events and programs that may interest you.
  • We use the data that we collect to carry out, evaluate and improve our services. What we learn about you will help us in developing our services. We add new features to our Site based on the things that interest our users.
  • Such information is also helpful when we are doing data analytics regarding the usage of the Site and when we are doing the customer research, trend analysis, and financial analysis.
  • The data we collect about you is helpful when we are guarding against fraud, preventing malicious activities and also when we are handling claims and other liabilities that may occur our Site
  • We process your data when we are complying with a court order, law enforcement request or and when we are enforcing our company policies.
How we may share your information

Some situations may force us to share your information with third parties. For example, we do business with vendors, agents and consultants, and they may need to process your data at one point to complete your requests. In addition, our service providers can access the information that we collect about you so that they can be able to carry out the duties on our behalf.

Dear user, the third parties we work with are subject to confidentiality obligations in our privacy policy. They will only use the personal data from our Site for purposes defined in our privacy policy. In addition to that, we share information for;

  • Our service will share your data with the affiliates to allow then discharge the internal business purposes
  • The third parties will require your information to allow them to complete the marketing purposes such as social media advertising. We also do it with our social media networks, data management platforms and other advertising technology providers.
  • When the law demands that we share your data, we have no obligation to deny that because we are doing it to facilitate a law enforcement
  • When sharing your data in response to a government agency order and when we are doing it to meet national security requirements
  • We will disclose your data if we believe that such practise is necessary to prevent physical harm or any financial loss or in connection with an investigation of suspected or actual illegal activity.
  • We also do it concerning analytics and statistical information to inform advertisers about the nature of the user base.
  • If we sell or transfer all or part of our firm or assets, we will profit (including a reorganization, dissolution, or liquidation). In such an event, we will attempt to provide you with commercially reasonable notice of any change in ownership, incompatible new uses of your personal information, and choices you may have regarding your personal information, such as via email and notice on our Website.
  • With your consent or at your discretion
Data retention and access at fitness and Nutrition Radio

We will only keep your data for as long as it is required for the purposes it was collected, such as allowing you to use the Website and your products or providing you with services. In some cases, we may keep data for longer periods to comply with relevant laws (including document retention rules), resolve disputes with third parties, and otherwise perform our business. This Privacy Policy and our internal retention requirements shall apply to all personal data we keep. We respect your right to privacy and will, upon request, establish your identity and determine whether we have or are processing information on you.

If you feel like you should change your data, you have that right, and you can do it anytime, but we shall ask you to prove your identity before we complete such a request. In addition, in instances where your requests interfere with our regulations, we may not be able to complete your requests.

The choices you have when you are using our service
  • When you are using fitness and nutrition Radio, you have many choices. First, you can opt-out of our mailing list if you want to unsubscribe from a particular newsletter. You only click the unsubscribe button at the email that we sent to you. Our partners may include ads in the newsletter that we sent to you. Note that we shall notify the third parties when you opt-out to act accordingly as per the regulations.
  • You also have a choice to block cookies. You have all rights to block cookies from your browser. Note that some websites will notify you before they serve cookies, and you will only block them when you feel you don’t like it, but be aware that you may not be able to enjoy all the services when you block cookies.
  • You can also disable local shared objects. Such storage objects are stored in different parts of the computer, but they serve similar functions.
How we protect your personal information

Fitness and Nutrition radio keep necessary administrative, technological, and physical precautions in place to prevent accidental, unlawful, or unauthorized destruction, loss, modification, access, disclosure, or use of the personal data you supply. However, no website, including this Site, can ensure the security of the information communicated online, and you accept some risk when providing information through any website, including this Site.

Links to other sites

You will find links from this Website that will direct you to other websites. Third parties control the sites, and you should read here privacy policy before you use their services because we will not be responsible for any damages you may incur when you use their Site. Our service is not responsible for the content, usage, terms and privacy of third party websites.

Surveys and Quizzes policy

While your learning’s from our service, you may get a chance to participate in our surveys, quizzes, and any other interactive activity that we shall be posting in our service. Your consent to participate in such activities is a voluntary decision, and we shall collect data in the process. Such features may be operated by a third party that we do not operate. The information that you give to such third parties is subject to their privacy policies.

How fitness and Nutrition Radio retain your data

We will only keep your data for as long as it is required for the purposes it was collected, such as allowing you to use the Website and your products or provide you with services. In some cases, we may keep data for longer periods to comply with relevant laws (including document retention rules), resolve disputes with third parties, and otherwise perform our business. This Privacy Policy and our internal retention requirements shall apply to all personal data we keep.

Children’s privacy policy

Our service Fitness and Nutrition Radio is not intended to be used by children below the age of consent. Our service does not knowingly collect personally identifiable data from the underage. However, if you are a guardian, you should report to us if we may have unknowingly collected such information. We shall do everything within our capacity to remove it from our service.

Information for the users who are Not within the united states

You consent to us to process your data when you use our service. You are consenting to the terms in our privacy policy concerning the collection, use and maintenance of your data. We use your consent as a legal basis to transfer your data outside the united states.

Our affiliates and service providers may store, transport, and process your data in and to the United States and other countries. These nations’ data protection regulations may provide a lower level of protection for your data than your home country. We take great care to protect your personal information and have put necessary safeguards to protect it during international transfers. We will transfer your data following applicable data protection regulations. In addition, we will put in place appropriate procedures to ensure that any third parties that gain access to your information (for example, by using our services) do so in a secure manner.

Notice to Nevada Users

If you are a Nevada user, Nevada law allows the residents to opt-out of the sale of certain information which we may have about you on our websites. Be notified that our service does not engage in the sale of data, but f in future, our practices change, and you receive a notification of such a change, you can opt-out. We only share the data according to the privacy policy here.

Note to EEA residents.

For the European economic area users, you have the following legal basis for using your data. Our service only processes your data when we have an agreement to do so by law.

  • We process your data when we are complying with the legal and regulatory obligation
  • We process your data when we think it is worth it for our legitimate interests or the third parties
  • Our service may process your data when we have consent from you
  • We process the data to perform a contract that we may have with you
Changes to our privacy policy

We shall update our privacy policy from time to time. We do this to reflect changes in our privacy policies, such as collecting and handling personal data. If we plan to make any significant changes to this policy, we will put a prominent notice on the home page to advise you of the proposed changes, and we will state at the top of the policy when it was most recently updated. We invite you to revisit this page from time to time for the most up-to-date information on our privacy standards.