How to Make Your Hair Air Dry Faster

Ways to make hair air dry faster

Blow-drying is a routine exercise for women every time they go for a shower. There are shortcomings of blow-drying, and maybe you are wondering if you can ever find a breakthrough that will save you the hassles of drying your hair. The tips will guide you on how to make your hair air dry faster without using the blow dryer.

Knowing how long it takes your hair to air dry should guide you while determining the best hair drying practices.

Check the excellent ways below to save you some time, which you can use for other things. They are simple and effective ways to air-dry your hair.Hair air dry faster

How to Make Your Hair Air Dry Faster

Condition and Comb Through

Using a conditioner while showering will ensure the hair does not soak in water. The conditioner makes your hair healthy and repels water. You will save time that you could have otherwise spend while drying it. The air conditioners may contain coatings that will stick to the hair allowing the water to slide off.

Notably, people have different hair. If your hair is curly, it will be best to apply the conditioner smoothly to help fight frizz when air-drying. If your hair is the fine-type, you can use oil on any dry end to make things easier.

Ditch Your Towel

You do not need a towel to dry your hair because it involves a lot of rubbing that damages the hair cuticle. A better option is a soft microfiber towel you want something that will effectively absorb water without much frizzing on your hair strands. You can achieve that by using a microfiber towel. Squeeze gently using a microfiber towel, and allow it to air-dry.

Many people use the towel because it is readily available. They do not stop to think about the damages it gives to the hair. Being readily available should not compromise us to tamper with the beauty of our hair.

Try Plopping

Plopping your hair is a safe way to protect your hair by maintaining its natural shape while harnessing the ability to dry faster.

  • The first step for plopping is to saturate your hair with a leave-in conditioner.
  • You will then need a cotton T-shirt that you will lay on a flat surface. The neck and sleeves should be close to you.
  • You then stand over the T-shirt and flip the hair over it. Your hair will be plopping into the fabric.
  • Finally, you grab the bottom of the T-shirt and hold it at the nape of your neck. You will then roll the rest of the shirt towards your face, and now you tie the knots using the sleeves.

It is good to leave this for at least 20 minutes as you go on with your other routines. You can then shake your head or allow it to air-dry.

Do Everything Else First

It is vital to allow your hair to air-dry. You, therefore, need to think of other things that you can do after a shower to allow your hair to dry. You can start working on makeup, doing some household arrangements and others, and ensuring that hair drying comes last just before you set off.

Using a blow dryer or a brush should be the last thing to hit your mind because their impact on your hair is damaging. The best way to allow your hair to air dry is to wring it up and allow it to dry. You can also wrap it up using a soft microfiber if you finish other things and the hair is still wet.

The Rough-Dry Rule

One of the popular ways to make your hair air dry fast is to use the rough Dry Rule. After a hair washes, use your fingers to lift the hair at the roots and then blush the blow dryer some inches away from your scalp.

There are no determined criteria; you need to do it your way as you comb through your hair using your fingers. Keep pressing on with the technique until you feel that your hair is dry.

Be Picky With Products

A variety of products out there is available to help you reduce the stress of drying the hair. Every woman will need something that will save on time that the hair drying can take, but it is not always about picking any product available!

There are reputable brands that will sell quality products that can conduct heat to enable faster hair drying. Their prices vary depending on how effective they are, but you should be careful, lest you buy an expensive product with the same performance as a cheaper one.

Use the Right Brush

Choosing the right brush is another win while working on the best ways to dry your hair faster. If you must use blow-drying for hair drying, then ensure that you are using the right brush. The brush should not hurt your hair, and mist gives you convenience while drying them.

You can try a ceramic vented brush, which allows the flow of air. The air circulation allows your strands to dry faster. Notably, your hair may be very thick, and wondering how best you can dry it faster. The best way is to divide it into four and clip them differently. You will then tackle every section differently and employ the best tips to dry them.

Turn Down the Heat

You do not want to fry your hair with high heat; hence, it is prudent to have this in mind even before you think you are running short of time! Apply a heat protectant before you start anything.

You may opt to use the ionic hair dryer that will allow you to turn on high heat. There are advantages to using the ionic air dryer. First, the negative ions add shine to your hair. Secondly, it dries your hair faster because it reduces the static electricity while breaking up water molecules.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Air-drying is the best way to maintain the natural glitter of your hair. Using other means for drying may affect the natural state of your hair in the end. It is, therefore, beneficial to learn the tips that will help you dry your hair faster without going through the steps that may damage your hair.

The above tips are the best and can serve to accord you healthy hair. It also enhances the healthy growth of hair because it does not interfere with the hair roots.

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