Burpee Exercise for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know

burpee exercise

Burpees are one of the best and challenging exercises despite the amusing name and probably not well-known as pushups or squats that work many of the major muscular groups in your body. Burpees exercise is a few workouts that do not require any equipment but engages your complete body while also providing excellent cardiovascular training.

What is A Burpee?

Burpee is a full-body, high-intensity workout; it is an excellent example of functional fitness and exercise. According to Fitwirr, Burpee is a squat thrust with a jump in the middle.

The shape also defines a burpee as the combination of a squat thrust and a squat jump, with pushup taking a good measure of it. In a nutshell, you can see a Burpee exercise like a pushup followed by a jump squat.

How Many Calories Do Burpees Burn?

Crossfitinvictus states that the number of calories you burn doing Burpees depends on certain factors. And these factors include the number of Burpees you do in a day or week and how long you do it. In general, the higher your power output, the more calories you will burn.

Furthermore, cited in, the average amount of Burpees you can do in 1 minute is 20. So doing the maths, with 1 Burpee, you burn 0.5 calories, and you will burn about 50 calories doing 100 burpees.

Burpees burn around 686 kilocalories per hour for someone weighing 180 pounds. And for 20 minutes, it can burn roughly 250 calories for a 155-pound person. The above is to illustrate that the number of Burpees you do determines the calories you burn. So, if you aim to shed more calories, do more Burpees!

However, if you have never practiced one before, it might not be easy. For a beginner’s option, learn how to do a simple Burpee or try a modified burpee exercise. Burpees are a great technique to boost your outcomes no matter what your fitness level or goals are.

How To Do Burpee

WikiHow illustrates some practical ways on how to do Burpee exercise as a beginner. Here are the steps:

  • Let Your Feet and Shoulder be Width Apart

Position your arms at your sides and your knees straight. At the start of each burpee, make sure to tighten your abs, maintain your back flat, and squeeze your bottoms.

  • Lower Yourself into a Squatting Stance by Bending Your Hips and Knees

Hinge forward with your hips and slightly bend your knees to drop your body to the floor. As you do this, keep your back straight and your arms close to your body.

  • Place Your Hands on The Ground in Front of You

When you place your hands on the ground, keep them close together, so they are immediately beneath your shoulders. Hold your arms straight out, but do not lock your elbows.

  • Kick Your Feet Back to Put Your Posture Into a Plank Position

When you do this, jump both feet back behind you simultaneously and set them about shoulder-width apart. Also, keep your hands firmly planted on the ground when doing this to support your body.

  • Drop All The Way to The Ground

Slowly lower your chest all the way to the floor while in the plank position to complete a pushup. Keep your elbows up in the air and keep your arms close to your body while your hands are on the same level on the floor.

  • Jump Your Feet Forward and Press up With Your Arms

Maintain a flat ground surface with your hands and push off with your hand as you tilt forward at the hips and hop your feet towards your chest. Do this in a single, fluid movement.

  • Jump Straight Forward to Finish This Step

Once you succeed in returning under your upper body, it’s time to jump straight up with your arms and hands elevated over your head and land in a standing stance to complete the exercise. To end the burpee, you can jump as high as possible or take a quick hop in the air.

  • Continue for 15 Times to Finish The Burpee Set

First-timers to this exercise should commence with five burpees in a row. Alternatively, you can do 15 burpees for a set and then 2–3 more sets throughout your workout.

Another approach is to time how long you can do burpees; for instance, you can try it for 30 seconds. The stronger you get, the longer you can do a Burpees exercise.

Benefits of The Burpees

You cannot underestimate the benefits burpee exercise has to offer. It is one of the best exercises with less demand that offers numerous benefits compare to other demanding activities. Livefit pointed out some of these benefits, which are listed below:

  • An Exercise For Multiple Muscle Groups 

The burpee is an essential but powerful total-body exercise. It is a beautiful technique to develop your upper and lower body by working most of your body’s major muscle groups. Even your extremities, such as your hands, hips, legs, arms, and chest, receive a good workout!

  • It Helps to Increase Your Heart Rate

Burpees mix aerobic and strength training in one exercise. When you do this exercise correctly and consistently, the movement provides a high-intensity workout that will condition your muscles while also getting your heart pumping, lungs working, and sweat flowing.

  • Burpees Assist in the Burning of Calories and Fat

Burpees are a go-to workout for anyone who wishes to burn calories and fat because you can use them for cardio and muscle training. You may burn up to 15 calories in only one minute, which will eventually result in you losing weight.

  • It Will Help You With Your Core

Your core muscles are crucial for maintaining stability and avoiding injury risk. Burpees are an excellent core-strengthening exercise since you must keep your core engaged from start to finish. If you want to target your abs while also building other muscle groups, incorporating burpees into your workout program is an excellent method.

  • It is Practical and Convenient

Burpees do not require any special equipment. All it takes for this exercise is your body weight and ample space. Burpees can help you get your blood circulating, even in a small apartment, a hotel room, or a cramped office. If you want to add some modification to your workout, you can add weights or an extra pushup or jump to the standard burpee.

  • Improves Your Mobility, Posture, and Balance 

Burpees can help you improve your mobility, coordination, and balance since they target so many muscles and entail such a wide range of motion. Burpees will strengthen your body, enhance your health, and help you move and feel better if you do them regularly.

  • You Can Employ Various Exercises to Meet your Requirements

There are different burpee varieties to choose from once you are a master in the standard burpee exercise and you are ready for a new challenge.

Straighten your arms

Muscles Worked By The Burpee

According to Healthline, Burpees are a form of aerobics exercise. It means it uses your body weight for resistance. Burpees are a full-body calisthenics workout that focuses on increasing muscle strength and resolution in both the lower and upper body.

The following are the muscles worked by the Burpees:

  • Legs
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Chest
  • Shoulder

Who Should Do Burpees?

According to Barbed, the beauty of the burpee is that anyone can perform it. Even burpees’ best exercise can be done by beginners if adequately taught and supervised. You can do Burpees also if you are in any of the following categories. Remember, anyone can do it!

  • Athletes on a Journey  

Staying fit while traveling can prove challenging, especially if you do not have convenient access to a hotel gym. Burpees can be done pretty much any place (as long as your ceilings are not too low!), making Burpees the best exercise choice if you want to get a quick aerobic workout while simultaneously maintaining your hard-earned muscle.

  • CrossFit Fans (or Masochists)

According to Barbed, Burpee was introduced to CrossFit in 2004 and has become a standard in many gyms. There is hardly any Open or Game practically in the past few years without it.

This continuous feature has earned the burpee a shady image among CrossFitters, with some even placing it alongside the infamous assault bike or muscle-up. If you are a CrossFit enthusiast, the chances are that you have a love-hate attitude to burpee

  • Strength Athletes, Powerlifters, and Weightlifters

No doubt, many people settle for bodybuilding because they despise cardio. While this is a reasonable assumption, even the most dedicated strength athletes should not overlook cardiovascular conditioning. A low-impact choice like swimming is undoubtedly optimal for strength athletes. However, since not everyone has easy access to a pool or even a treadmill in their warehouse gym, the burpee is still a go-to alternative. Burpees are incredibly convenient for anyone who knows the value of working up a sweat, and you can easily add it to the end of a weight-lifting session.

Burpee Programming Recommendations 

One of the most appealing aspects of the burpee is its adaptability. You can modify it at will according to your goals or needs, making it an excellent addition to any of your training programs.

  • For General Health and Fitness

If you are not training to see how far you can push yourself before passing out, burpees are a simple method to keep in shape. Burpee is a moderate exercise that keeps you in shape without overworking yourself. So, it would help if you practiced burpees to avoid becoming overworked.

Three to four sets of burpees twice a week is OK without a timed interval or repetition aim. When you are approaching your limit, your body will alert you loud and clear, so pay attention. You can skip the jump squat and return to a standing posture to avoid joint stress.

  • For Strength and Power

Engaging in burpees at the end of your workout works wonders if you are a strength athlete looking to burn some calories after your primary training. Before leaving the gym, do three to five rounds of burpees at a moderate interval (30 seconds on, 30 seconds off) two to three times per week.

Burpee Variations 

Do you have a firm grasp on burpee exercise and wish to embark on more challenging tasks? NordicTrack listed some burpee variations that will provide variety to your workouts:

Burpees with a Pushup: Integrating a pushup movement is referred to as a pushup. Add a pushup to the plank position to make the exercise more challenging.

Flying Burpees: After the movement, instead of jumping vertically, jump in a forward extension.

Pull-up Burpees: Hang from a bar during the jump phase and conclude the activity with a pull-up.

Burpees with Weights: You can do a burpee with a kettlebell in your hands. Lift your kettlebell with your arms outstretched above your head position instead of the final jump. There are numerous variations you can do, so get creative!

Wrapping Up

Burpee is a strenuous exercise. What makes it exhausting and difficult makes it extremely practical training for increasing strength, endurance, and cardio fitness. Burpee remains the most influential movement that works all your body without the use of any equipment. All you need for a burpee is a small space in your house, or anywhere you find yourself because you can do a burpee anywhere.

If you are not sure how to do a burpee, you can seek a licensed personal trainer. Also, if you are new to exercise or high-intensity interval training or have a medical problem, check with your doctor to see if burpees are safe.



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