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No Bull Bodybuilding with Marc David

Author and Fitness Expert Marc David joins host Dave DePew today to talk about his approach to health and bodybuilding and his new book, "No Bull Bodybuilding".

Just one visit to Marc’s site, and you’ll see that he’s serious!

Here’s what Marc has to say about what you’re doing on your road to a better body, "If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, right from the beginning, you will make many costly diet and training mistakes, and it can take years to get the type of body you want and deserve, if you ever get there at all. In fact, if you listen to the bad advice most “experts” are spitting out these days, you might even go backwards and actually gain fat or lose muscle!
Natural Body Building by Marc David

The good news is, you don’t have to go through years of trial and error, slow progress and head-pounding frustration like most people do. You can shorten your learning curve and even slash it dramatically. You can make steady, continuous muscle gains – even if you’re a “hard gainer” and you can lose even the most stubborn fat without hitting a single plateau…

But only if you know all the inside secrets of how the beginner’s and intermediate-level game is different from the advanced game, only if you know which training, nutrition and supplement mistakes to avoid, and only if you know someone who is willing to reveal all of these secrets to you.


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