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The Inspiration for the Nation, Thomas Lewis

Dave’s special guest has a truly amazing, inspiring story. He’s Thomas Lewis, a 118-pound success story. Thomas will talk about his 9-month journey, the struggles, the challenges and the successes. How did he start? How did he keep going when “the going got tough”? What is he doing now to maintain his weight? Listen as Thomas gives hope to anyone who has ever struggled with weight and fitness.

This is Thomas’ story: From 310 to 192 in nine months…

It all began with being sick and tired, of being sick and tired. In the beginning I was in the mist of a very trying situation, Everything that could go wrong, did. I was also overweight and feeling the effects of it. My knees hurt all the time, if I walked for any amount of time, climbed stairs or just about any physical activity I would run out of breath almost instantly. I knew it was time for a change so, I made a decision to take control of my life and do something about my weight; however I didn’t know where to start. That was until a good friend of mine introduced me to the body transformation club and shared with me how it has changed his life. He told me to talk to Dave and do everything that he says and you will get the results that you’re looking for. I made the call and that was the start of something that even till this day still amazes me.

On my weight loss journey there were many obstacles. The two that stand out the most are the temptation to eat unhealthy foods and allowing excuses to prevent me from making time for workouts. I came up with a saying to combat these urges, “Nothing Taste as Good as Fit Feels.” For the times when I didn’t feel like working out I would always say, “If this was easy everyone would do it.” Those things help me stay in on track and they will also help you.

What’s the secret? The secret is, there is no secret! With anything in life, including a body transformation you have to dedicate yourself, make some sacrifices, take action and work hard. The following is an example of the work it took for me to change my body from the inside out: I committed to a 1 hour workout at Mission Bay Boot Camp 6 days a week and I ate six meals a day. Each meal consisted of a serving of protein (grilled chicken, turkey, fish or eggs), steamed vegetables and a low glycemic carbohydrate (fruit, brown rice or something whole grain)

My advice to anyone who is ready to start living a healthy lifestyle and transform your body is making a decision to change, set a goal and take action. Do not wait until December 31st to make a resolution, everyday presents you an opportunity to change.

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  2. By Brian B on May 10, 2009 | Reply

    Awesome! Congratulations Thomas! You have amazing discipline and are a great inspiration.

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