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Overpower Pain and Join the Revolution with Mitchell Yass

Mitchell Yass had a concept and started a Revolution. Based on Long Island New York, Mitch Yass’s practice serves 8,000 physical therapy patients and 4,000 personal training clients. He was lead lecturer for the NYC exhibit Bodies-The Exhibition, and the press release for that event read Mr. Yass is the Miracle Man among Long Island physical therapists. He has helped thousands of patients avoid surgery, eliminate chronic pain, and lose weight. This is a revolutionary new approach to establishing the true cause of pain and how to stop it.

Mitchell joins Dave DePew to discuss his new book “Overpower Pain”, based on his work at PT2.

In 1997, PT2 Physical Therapy & Personal Training opened it’s doors with a new vision of how to diagnose and treat pain. The vision resulted from a personal awakening that occurred within the owner, Mitchell Yass, PT. He had realized almost from the beginning of his career that the medical education he had received did not prepare him to address the symptoms being exhibited by the patients he was treating. The diagnoses being given by the physicians who referred these patients to physical therapy did not match the symptoms that the patients had. The types of treatments he was educated to use to resolve the symptoms being presented did not make any sense to him. He found himself in a personal quandary as to how he could in good conscience treat patients knowing they could not resolve their symptoms under the existing conditions of treatment. He turned inward to his personal experience as both a long time strength training advocate and a life long analytical thinker. He came to the realization that the medical community was creating diagnoses incorrectly. These diagnoses were being created in most cases only through the use of diagnostic tests such as MRIs, x-rays and EMGs. Only structural abnormalities such as arthritis, herniated discs, mensical tears and stenosis could be identified. Yass had realized very early on that most of these structural abnormalities could be found in people with no symptoms. Therefore, he had to assume that in the cases where people had pain, there may be another cause and that these structural abnormalities simply existed but required no treatment. He developed a system of clinical evaluation techniques that gave him the ability to determine when the cause of pain is muscular such as with strains, weakness or imbalance or when the cause is structural and requires medical intervention such as surgery.

Yass has determined that in 95% of the cases he has treated, that the cause was muscular. In the other 5% of cases, Yass has referred the patient to the appropriate medical personnel to resolve the cause of pain. Yass has decided that his method and success rate has to be shared with more than just the fortunate individuals that come to his office to receive his treatment. He wrote his first book, “Overpower Pain: The Strength Training Program That Stops Pain Without Drugs Or Surgery” to allow readers the opportunity to use the information provided to resolve their pain. He has begun a publicity campaign to maximize exposure to as many people as possible as to his findings and to try to prevent them from getting unnecessary surgeries or stop them from taking narcotic, addictive drugs that could never resolve the cause of their pain. Studies are coming out almost on a daily basis confirming what Yass has been preaching for the past 15 years. Please join his revolution and spread the message that most pain is caused by muscle weakness. The change in the country’s culture will come from people rejecting the existing system and embracing this method of diagnosis and treating pain. Science is now agreeing with Yass’ approach; now it is your turn to join and resolve your pain for good.

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  2. By Alex on Mar 2, 2009 | Reply

    I live in Holtsville, LI. Where is the nearest PT that uses your method?

  3. By Just Right Fitness on Apr 7, 2009 | Reply

    Just found your site- really great!

  4. By Virginia Keutmann on Sep 7, 2009 | Reply

    Have endured 6 weeks at PT2- cannot thank them all enough for their expertise and wonderful personalities. They have changed my life, I continue to do the exercises and hope to go further with weight training.I have been pain free , so glad I traveled out of my way.!!!!!

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